Taiko Kumo (曇 大湖, Kumo Taiko) is a character of the Donten ni Warau series. He was married to Koyuki Kumo and fathered Tenka, Soramaru, and Chuutarou. Taiko was the instructor of the Yamainu Squad. He suspected that the Fuuma clan was secretly working undercover.


After Taiko married Koyuki, he adopted the Kumo name. The couple then had three children (Tenka, Soramaru, and Chuutarou) together.

At some point, Taiko founded the Yamainu Squad and worked as its instructor. Notable students included Tenka, Kiiko, Sousei, and Mutsuki.

Eleven years before the series began, Taiko and his wife, Koyuki , were assassinated by a masked Fuuma.

Personality Edit

Taiko was caring and quite straightforward. He was also patient and an energetic leader to the Yamainu Squad. However, Taiko was also very strict whenever he thought it was suitable.

Relationships Edit

Koyuki Kumo Edit

Taiko and Koyuki had a loving relationship. They openly expressed their appreciation and care for each other through amiable arguments that would end in hugs and verbal declarations of love. These declarations of love almost appeared to be heated arguments.

Mutsuki Ashiya Edit

Taiko and Mutsuki had a comfortable relationship that resembled a parent and child's. For instance, Taiko would ask Mutsuki about his whereabouts, while the Ashiya family would not care.


To Kiiko (regarding Sousei): "He looked so lonely that I couldn't help but want to take care of him so I brought him here. Get along with him now, hm?"

To Sousei: "Stand tall. You are a student who has made me proud. You will definitely become stronger."

To Koyuki: “Your cooking rejuvenates me! My fatigue has disappeared! Thanks so much!”

To Koyuki: “I can only keep working so hard because of you! I’m very happy!!”

To Koyuki (in response to her declaration of love): “So. Do. I!!!”