Okuni Kumo is the twin sister of Baren Kumo, together they are the 8th heads of the cloud shrine. She is a character in Rengoku ni Warau.

Appearance Edit

Okuni has long, black, curly hair that is held in a high ponytail by a kanzashi. She wears an kimono with a black haori with the word "Kumo" which reaches to her ankles. She also possesses a fan that looks like the one belonging to Tenka Kumo.

Personality Edit

Okuni is very curious and can also be very bold. She gets tired of things easily. She seems to like pranking people and to reject popular opinion.

History Edit

When Okuni and Baren's mother, Asahi Kumo, was still alive, they had a surprisingly good relationship with the inhabitants of Oumi. But as their mother died, the villagers burned the shrine. The twins realized, they weren't the ones loved, but their mother was, and the villagers gave them the fault, that Asahi Kumo died.

When the sky clouded over, the villagers didn't trust one another anymore. The twins couldn't stand to see them this way, so they used their reputation as ''children of misfortune'' and turned the villagers fury towards themselves.

Quotes Edit

To Ouka Momochi: “Not having any parents or being a woman… I hate the type who decide people’s worth due to their circumstances the most.”

To Ouka Momochi: “You should hold your head high and laugh. It’ll be easier to breathe that way.”