Hirari (比良裏), known as Hirari Abeno (安部 比良裏, Abeno Hirari) during the events of Utakata ni Warau, is a characer of the Donten ni Warau series. He is servant of the Abe clan from 600 years ago, intended to be sacrificed as bait for Orochi. He appears to have somehow been reborn in the Meiji era, working as a policeman for the government and missing an arm.


Kamakura periodEdit

As a child, Hirari was told to throw away all of his compassion and show no mercy towards others or himself. He grew up knowing he was bait for the Orochi, however, he claims Botan changed him and was the first person to see someone like him.

Sengoku periodEdit

Reincarnated as Lord Oda Nobunaga, the shogun, he is interested in acquiring the Dokuro-Hoozuki.

Meiji periodEdit

Hirari was born without an arm. When he was young, he was chosen to be a member of the keishitai in the Satsuma Rebellion. It is said he's always had strange dreams about a pretty lady since long ago.



Hirari met Botan when he was still a child and fell in love with her because she alone treated him like a real person. After discovering that Botan was a shikigami, he realized that this was why she never aged. And his feelings for her grew more throughout the manga.


To Kagemitsu: "Filled with sincere emotions, looking straight forward. Full of pride and conviction, those eyes is what I love. Botan's eyes hold no lies."

To Botan: "I don't want to see the woman I love get hurt."

To himself: "Botan, you were the first person to ever look at me."

To himself (regarding Botan): "I finally found her. Love at first sight. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on her."

To Botan: "The moment you disappear will be the moment I die, for I can't go on alone."

To Botan: "I would soon be dead. If I am to die, I will die by your side, no matter what."

To Botan: "We will meet again. Even if you let go of my hand here and now, I will somehow come back to meet you again. After I was finally able to touch you, there is no way I will let go of your hand easily."

To Botan: "I love you. Please come live with me soon."

To Botan: "Because you are there, in my world where my existence holds no meaning, I can laugh."

To Botan: "Don't cry. I definitely won't die. I wouldn't lie to you, would I?"