Gerokichi (ゲロ吉) is a spirit who has lived for hundreds of years. He is a tanuki who is affectionate towards the Kumo family and Botan.

History Edit

600 years ago, Gerokichi was the partner of Kagemitsu Kumo. With Kagemitsu, Hirari , and Botan, they worked together to seal the Orochi. In the Meiji era, Gerokichi is mostly seen with Chuutarou Kumo, as he tags along with the young boy to school.

Quotes Edit

To himself (regarding the Kumo family): "I've never been able to leave this place because, these people are so warm."

To himself (regarding the Kumo family): "I pray. That somehow, the people in this warm family line will always be happy."

Trivia Edit

Even though Shirasu Kinjou lived with the three Kumo brothers for ten years, Gerokichi refused to show affection to the ninja.