Chuutarou Kumo (曇 宙太郎, Kumo Chūtarō) is one of the main characters of the Donten ni Warau series. He is the third and youngest son of the Kumo household.


The youngest brother who looks up to his older siblings, especially Tenka. He cannot fight and tends to be trusting and cry easily. Always accompanied by a small tanuki named Gerokichi.

Appearance Edit

Chuutarou always wears his red and black hat and wears a yellow big beaded necklace. He wears a 'coat' with the kanji letters "kumo" on his back. He doesn't wear any shirt underneath. He wears large pants with gold/yellow rope around his waist.

Personality Edit

Chuutarou often ends his sentences with 'sir' when he is talking with his brothers and others. He shows a great amount of pride towards his brothers. He is very obedient to his brothers and listens to their orders and advice. He is very energetic and enthusiastic. But he is a bit naive.


To himself (about Tenka): "He is the only unique, true king of my world."

To himself (referring to Shirasu): “He was always there… ‘Welcome home, Chuutarou.’ I’m still not used to it.”


  • It was Soramaru who made the hat Chuutarou always wears.[1]