Botan (牡丹) is a secondary character of the Donten ni Warau series and a main character of Utakata ni Warau. She is a shikigami summoned by the Abe clan 600 years ago, with the mission of sealing Orochi. In the Meiji era, she is now a schoolteacher who seeks to assist the Kumo brothers.


Hirari: Edit

Hirari falls in love with her at first sight and she vows to wait for him until they can meet again. The vow between Hirari and Botan continued until 300 years which Hirari always dreamed about Botan every night. For sure he promised to search his lover even though Botan is not a human.


To Hirari: "I am just a tool to be used for a specific purpose."

To Hirari: "I am the Abe's shikigami. I am not human. I am a monster created by your own father."

To Hirari: "I feel no pain, an existence where love holds no meaning."

To Hirari: "Before I disappear, I hope to see an Oumi lit by sunshine."

To Hirari: "You really are an idiot to fall in love with a shikigami. Do you think it will be easy to catch me?"

To Kyotsuna Sasaki (regarding Hirari): "Master Sasaki... I have no reason to doubt you. It's just. That man does not lie to me."