Donten ni Warau (曇天に笑う?) is a Japanese supernatural shōjo manga series by Kemuri Karakara. It was serialized by Mag Garden on Monthly Comic Avarus magazine. It was adapted into an anime television series.


In the eleventh year of the Meiji era carrying swords was forbidden by the government and those known as samurai were slowly fading away. However, there were plenty who didn't like those changes taking place in Japan and inevitably the crime rates increased. The country's only solution was an inescapable lake prison. Since the prison had no other way to access it except by water, the three boys of the Kumo family were assigned to transport the criminals to their new "home". But, is that truly the only thing they were doing...?


Opening Edit

  1. Biran no Kaze (毘藍ノ風) by Ryuuji Aoki (eps 2-6)
  2. Ryuuten no Hi (流転ノ陽) by Ryuuji Aoki (eps 8-11)

Ending Edit